Archives for 1992

1992-8-16 Toronto, ON, Canada

Bob appears on “Northern Hemisphere Live” hosted by Bill Burton and Bob Oster on WXYC-FM MP3

1992-6-8 Toronto, ON, Canada

Bob speaks to “The Monks” MP3

1992-5-5 Toronto, ON, Canada

Bob speaks to __________ from New Zealand MP3

1992-4-30 Montreal, PQ, Canada

Bob appears on “Brave New Waves” hosted by Brent Bamburry on CBC-FM MP3

1992-4-22 Toronto, ON, Canada

“Bob’s Media Ecology” CD released

1992-1-26 N/A, Costa Rica

Bob explains the Ten Thunders of “Finnegans Wake” to Gerry Fialka with Connie in Costa Rica

1992-1-24 N/A, Costa Rica

Bob and Gerry Fialka have fun in Costa Rica MP3

1992-1-22 N/A, Costa Rica

Bob writes “Entertainment Sucks” later published in Flipside Magazine #96 – JUNE/JULY ’95 HTML